Is working on research and decision-making


Integrity is working on moral values of the organization and the people. Values are powerful human resources for responsible management or entrepreneurship.

Integrity is meeting, debate and discipline.

It also gives satisfaction to share responsibility with each other and come to right decisions.

With these activities the organization can make integrity practical and inspiring:

  • An enthusiastic kick-off of an integrity program, with or without the use of theatre and actors
  • The dilemma training at all levels of the organization. An educational research into what moral dilemmas can be and how to get to an effective and morally correct decision and/or action
  • The code of conduct customized and supported by the employees. In several short workshops participants create their ‘own’ code of conduct that serves as a common guideline for behaviour and attitude
  • The risk inventory integrity. In an active workshop the main business risks are identified and the possible damage determined. Knowing the risks is finding solutions
  • The purchasing and procurement process. Paper can wait, bureaucracy is lurking. In a workshop with internal staff and external suppliers, the procurement process is critically decomposed. Based on identifying factors of success and failure a new efficient and effective procurement and tendering process is constructed
  • Certificate Integrity. Organizations must meet legal criteria and (international) business group rules. Based on the examination of documents and interviews a quick scan (integrity MOT) takes place to see whether the organization still meets the requirements and expectations.