An organization is a purposeful unity of knowledge, skills and power between people in order to provide for the needs of others in its environment. To this definition provided by Wikipedia I add the deployment of rich moral values and standards of managers and employees to manage and work responsibly. Together they form the identity of an organization, and they show the personality and character of the workers. My contribution to organizations is focused on strengthening the following topics:

  • Human Resources or inviting personnel policy as key to success
  • Responsible management as a guide for politicians and civil servants
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is a matter of balancing.
  • Integrity is working on research and decision-making.
  • Train the Trainer: training for people who keep a strict practice.
  • Part time support on a professional basis

I like customization. Based on a preliminary discussion with the organization I put forward propositions to strengthen policy themes. In my work I connect to the available talents with the organizational motive: “continue on your own strength”.