You can see happen corruption?







You can see happen corruption?

 The end of 2013 the Dutch judge sentenced to three years a provincial representative because of corruption, money laundering and forgery. ‘Passionately’ and ‘Innocent’ he called himself and the verdict a ‘miscarriage of justice’, he stated. In many countries, a typical reaction of people who have been convicted of abuse of power and corruption. The judge, however, charged the suspect hard to not feel responsible for his behaviour and embarrassing the confidence in the government. Also in a more recent case the suspected aldermen claims to be ‘innocent’.

Strong Personalities. Risk of Corruption

In both cases is found to exist strong and motivated personalities. Public servants tell about political directors who talk with businessmen, but in private. They take decisions without any involvement of civil servants. Contradiction does not appear possible. Criticism is withheld or ignored. ‘I’m political responsible, so you do what I say’, is the credo. Frustration among observant officials, leaking motivation, and small talks with the coffee machines are the sequel. If later the judge condemned the politician, the society pays the high financial damage without being able to deduct the convicted.

See, Know and Act

Exactly how the process is done shows a new Spanish documentary ‘Corruption, the harmful organism’. Public servants give concrete examples about political elected officials and managers who ignore their criticism about possible abuses of law. Thus they bring the government in disrepute and reject the instrument of self-cleaning capacity. Playing the injured innocent when they are for court, shows that they are not competent for a public job.

 The documentary ‘Corrupción, el organisme nocivo’ can be seen on Subtitle in English follows

Henk Bruning