Welcome in 2015

Welcome in 2015

2015 started baffling because of some pencil marks. In Paris 12 people were killed because of free expression and image. Policemen lost their lives when defending this principle. In Africa and Yemen murderous gangs patched human values to their boots. Fear and sadness undermined the best wishes for a pleasant and successful 2015.

However, the same days millions of people distribute an enormous tap to the criminals defending the human dignity. This solidarity gives us hope and energy.


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If you look closely, you see many initiatives for responsible governance and entrepreneurship. This year we like to pay attention to people who, sometimes against the current, try to improve the worthiness of the government and business. Moral values and norms design the personality of people and show their identity. They prevent affection of their integrity by close protection. Managers from the Balkans articulated like: Integrity should be an integral part of our work. Integrity ensures that the decisions we make are made on justified basis and treatment.

These statements you may find in my new book: ‘To Be Honest… Finding Inspiration and Integrity in Public Service and Business’. A book with concrete suggestions how to apply integrity and responsible management into the organisation. ISBN: 978-94-9106-142-4, 161 pages, € 15,00.

My sparkling new website about HRM and integrity – www.henkbruning.nl – will report every two weeks news and challenging facts about the progress of good governance, CSR and integrity. Please don’t hesitate to give your comments and experiences to get an inspiring debate.

Success with the year of integrity!

Henk Bruning