Inviting personnel policy

as the key to success!


Personnel management forms the basis of a good organization. By linking people and structures together you create success. As a committed and passionate consultant I support management and HR colleagues to work together effectively and debate with each other on a basis of mutual understanding about the roles of HR in the organization.

The HRM department plays four roles:

  • implementation of proper personnel administration
  • advising managers and employees on personnel and organizational aspects;
  • help decide the business strategy;
  • internal monitoring and project implementation.

Quick Scan Task Exercise HR.

The expectations of personnel management are great, but the perception of the quality varies sometimes. A quick scan of managers, employees and the HR team measures satisfaction with HR and leads to new insights for HR to better meet expectations within the organization.

Role-play client and contractor

Directors and managers are the requesting party (client) and HR advisors are the implementers and monitor the personnel. To provide executives and managers in time with the right advice (or warning), consultants need a ‘political’ antenna. Being a consultant is a skill that you can learn. The role play mimics reality and teaches consultants to act as equal sparring partner for managers and employees. Managers learn how they can take on their role as “employer” of the division or department with verve and prestige.

No more problems procedure

Conflicts often cost unnecessary time and energy. The introduction of a peer review and arbitration procedure (informally called the ‘No more problems’ procedure), recognizing everyone’s task and responsibility, leads to sensible and constructive solutions.