Freedom of Expression versus the Right to Insult

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Freedom of expression versus the Right to Insult

The current debate is about he right on insult as unlimited freedom. However, the question is different: Do I allow myself the freedom of expression without acceptance of persons?

An example:

  • I’m free waving my arms.
  • I can do that unobstructed till I approach the nose of someone else.
  • Then my freedom meets the security of another.
  • His interest determines my use of freedom.

Integrity stands for debate and investigation of the arguments of the other and me to act yes or no. It could be right to insult another, as it could be justified when a competent authority kills a person. To take a decision weighing of arguments is needed. The principle of freedom may lose out the principle of security and respect.


In Tirana, Skopje, Ankara en Belgrade participant of the Integrity Course received my book: ‘To Be Honest… Finding Inspiration and Integrity in Public Service and Business’.

The told their experiences back home. Four stories are noting:

  • Macedonian Boarder Police improved organisation. No more long queues mean less chance that drivers pay small amounts of money to pass faster the boarder.
  • In Serbia the procurement procedure is reassessed and more transparent. The State Exam for new civil servants pays attention to integrity.
  • In Albania Ministry of Interior develops an integrity program for after the elections.
  • New collaboration arises: As a Serbian colleague said: Now I’ll just check my colleague in Kosovo.

My new website about HRM and integrity will report every two weeks news and challenging facts about the progress of good governance, CSR and integrity. Please don’t hesitate to give your comments and experiences to get an inspiring debate. See button ‘leave a comment’ at the top.

Success with the implementation of integrity!

Henk Bruning




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