Book - To Be Honest


To Be Honest …


Finding Inspiration and Integrity in Public Service and Business


To be honest … opens the windows, works as a guide and is a practical workbook for all those who have heart for the public good; and the responsibly govern and take seen as a precondition for a livable and enjoyable international society.

Responsible management and corporate policies are essential components of any modern government or business whatsoever. Integrity and active human resources ensure a lively and constructive debate within the government, business and whit the society.
The discussion and application of individual and organizational values create a dynamic organization. Integrity is a verb and invites people to excel in and connect their personality and identity with the mission of the organization. This involvement gives pleasure in meeting with each other and with the joint debate that enhance the image and the quality of government and business. That makes everyone happy!

Issue: November 2014
Language: English
Price: € 15.00

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