A boost for Integrity


New International Team for integrity and Good Governance

A boost for integrity

‘Be the change you want to see’. This title of an action programme is a nice result of the 4th Integrity Course for 25 civil servants from Turkey and The Balkans. The participants are self-convinced and visionary. In Bosnia & Herzegovina corruption is a burning issue. Legislation and anti-corruption campaigns do battle against abuse of power and self-enrichment. Strengthening integrity to prevent corruption has led in Montenegro that 60% of public organisations developed an integrity programme. Goal: building trust in public institutions. Awareness and training are in Kosovo new instruments to integrate integrity into de government’s policy. Integrity as characteristic of government is also the objective in Serbia. The action plan focuses on the (high) managers to set the example to their employees. In Turkey ethical commissions exist since 2005. However since 2008 are slowly extinguished. A new impulse is needed. The action plan foresees in training programs for civil servants. Interesting idea is to develop a scorecard for ministries and present a red, orange or green card to the managers to activate them to take integrity seriously. Albanian participants show realistic. Corruption always will exist. People always are looking for loopholes, but a transparent organisation, ethical leadership, improvement of quality of work and the maintenance of the Code of Conduct increase alertness. Small things are important; also in Macedonia. Next to the oath of office participants plan a questionnaire of officials to find the vulnerable issues and risks. Just as The Dutch Civil Servant Act means, they want to introduce the cornerstones of integrity in public organisation.

Islands of Integrity

With the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 4 courses more then 100 policymakers are trained. Together they build bridges for a regional network to encourage, advice and inspire each other. Young, energetic and curious professionals with heart for the public good. That agrees optimistic!

Henk Bruning