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Integrity, Personnel policy, Responsible Government and Entrepreneurship.


Obvious policies excel as modern government and business, but sometimes difficult to connect with the organizational culture.

With my international experience I support management, policy makers and works councils how to anchor integrity and corporate social responsibility in their organisations.

Dilemmas we shall meet.
It’s art to transform a dilemma into a chance.

By using the ethical values and competences of managers and employees, to stimulate their freeness and openness, the quality and view of the company will be improved. Integrity is a human resource. Validation, involvement and openness give more pleasure and satisfaction in daily work, which yields better results.

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Plezier in het werk

The pleasure to work deserves recognition and attention!

Henk Bruning (Amsterdam, 1955) is an advisor and coach of modernising and humanising public and private organisations. He lays emphasis on the common values of an organisation and the integrity of management and employees as vision and instrument. Risks of unethical behavior or wrong decisions always exist. To prevent those and to calculate possible in advance is a management responsibility. Ethics and moral competences are instruments for good government and corporate social responsibility.

Henk Bruning – Hands-on mentality and result driven – captivates and binds.
Works according the Code of Ethics of the Dutch Association of Personnel Management (NVP).